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    Hello and welcome to new members! Many people have never communicated via this big “chat room” Let’s do the “first post for dummies” if you’re still new to forums.

    1. Introduce yourself. It’s so much easier to talk to someone who has introduced himself/herself.
    2. Try to just chat. It’s not a good idea to start off with some controversy.
    3. Be nice. Treat others like you’d like to be treated.
    4. Get involved and help out other people who ask questions. We can all learn from each other.
    5. Don’t make this space your personal battleground.
    6. By all means, tell us about your struggles and your gripes, but it would be even greater to hear about your successes. Everybody likes positivity.
    7. The forums are language-agnostic. Most people post in Afrikaans or English, and we’d like you to be able to express yourself properly. That being said, if at all possible, try to post in English because that makes it accessible to most other people.
    8. Have fun. This is for you and mostly by you.

    This should stand you in good stead when you participate in the forums. It’s a great way to collaborate and learn from each other.

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