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You’re right! The Property Practitioner is brought to you by the same fine folks who brought you Viditrainer. In fact, The Property Practitioner is a Viditrainer initiative. Think of Viditrainer like the holding company and The Property Practitioner as a subsidiary.

The main difference is that you and all your agents can get access to all the training courses on The Property Practitioner for a very affordable subscription price. On Viditrainer, you pay per course and there’s no subscription. In time, the training courses will only be available on The Property Practitioner.

No worries. If you’re logged out, you can easily log in with your user name and password after clicking on “Login” in the top menu (it’s the link on the far right of the menu).

If you can’t remember your password when logging in, just click on “Lost your password?”, enter the user name or email address you signed up with and you’ll get an email with a link to reset your password.

If you don’t see this email after a few minutes, check your Junk Mail or Spam folder.

Yes, of course! You can use your Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn account when you subscribe or to log in with to The Property Practitioner. Because most people use their social media accounts a lot, this makes it easier for you when logging in.

No, never. We take your privacy very seriously and we’ll never post anything on your behalf – and definitely not without your express permission to do so. The social media accounts just make it easier to log in to The Property Practitioner. Most people remember those user names and passwords because they use their social media accounts so often.

It’s completely up to you. If you’re uncomfortable at all, just log in with your user name and password for The Property Practitioner.

Very soon! We’ll make sure to get you up and running as soon as we get the debit order instruction and first month’s subscription fee.

As long as you like! We add new content very regularly so you will want to stay tuned. You will be billed, however, on a monthly basis.

It’s very easy! Just complete and sign the debit order authorisation you can download here. When you’re done, email it to or fax it to 044 695 0637.

You will be billed monthly on the 1st business day of each month.

Whenever you sign up, you will pay the normal subscription fee. However, you will get a pro-rata discount the very next month. For example, say you subscribed the 15th of November. On the 15th of November you will pay the usual monthly subscription amount. On 1 December, however, you will get a 50% discount on your subscription fee for December.

Yes, of course! The quality of our training courses is so good that we don’t think we need long-term contracts to keep you as a client. We are pretty sure that you’ll want to stay. That being said, you are free to cancel your subscription at any time for any reason.

Just send us an email to wherein you instruct us to unsubscribe you and we’ll cancel your subscription.

We’ll be very sad, but we’ll respect your decision. Because you’ve already paid for the month, you’ll have access to the website until the end of the month. We’ll also make sure to cancel your debit order so you won’t be billed for the next month.

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