In challenging times

You need affordable real estate training. As a broker, owner or manager of a real estate agency, one of the key decisions you will make is how to invest in training for your estate agents.

If you’re working independently or completely on your own, you know that things change over time. You need to know about the latest techniques, tips and tools, and being on your own makes it harder to keep up.

Unfortunately, the more challenging the times are, the harder it becomes to justify the huge expenses incurred with training seminars, workshops and speakers. Things can add up very quickly. The cost of seminars, workshops, speakers, experts, books and dvd courses to train your agents can quickly run up to tens or even hundreds of thousands of Rands.

You can make a strategic decision

There is a high-quality, yet cost-effective alternative. Invest wisely in affordable real estate training that won’t break the bank.

The Property Practitioner offers you an exceptional training solution at a cost-effective price that will (pleasantly) surprise you.

Affordable monthly payments

Invest in your agents’ development. Monthly. Affordably.

After all, can you afford not to?

More reasons to change your real estate training

If you’re a broker, owner or manager of a real estate agency or group, complete the form on the right to discover more reasons why you should change your real estate training today.

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