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This free lesson is all about setting better goals for yourself. It forms a small part of the full course, Selling Like A Super Hero, which is just one of the courses available in The Property Practitioner.

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You’ve probably heard the old story that you have to write down your goals with a deadline and then be very disciplined about doing the things you need to do to achieve those goals? Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? So why do we always end up in the loop of shame?

The problem is the deadline. Deadlines are comfortably far – too far – in the future. We think we have plenty of time. But deadlines aren’t action. They’re merely an arbitrary line in the sand.

You reach goals through action, but to take action you must schedule time for the action. If you want to do something you’ve never done in the past, you have to start doing something you’re not currently doing, right?

In this lesson module you will discover a very simple, yet very effective way of not only setting goals for yourself – which is good – but also working those goals into your schedule.

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